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Yes, this site is dedicated to the British TV show everyone is talking about. NAKED ELVIS.

Going at 3am or whenever Channel 4 decide to show it, Naked Elvis is billed as a "Pop Trivia Quiz Show"
But what they don't mention is that throughout the show a male member of the good ole general public, dressed up as The King, strips off totally nude.

Q: Is it like a Strip Poker where he has to lose questions in order to strip?

A: No.

Q: Does he strip to a G-string and no further?

A: No. Its the whole way.

Q: So he finally shows his wing-wang as the credits roll?

A: No. Usually 10 mins before the end and then runs around being goofy and embarrassing the contestants and hostess!

Q: How can I see this show? I don't live in the UK?

A: Get on a plane and come over. OR, click here for stills from the show.

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